I'm Scott. Cleveland USA I'm just venting my head... I'm not straight, I'm kind of undecided and way to complicated to describe here, so ask. My inbox is missing a message from you!

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Anonymous asked: I saw one of your post and I read the caption and your url as Cadet Boner

I’ve been called worse. :)

happiness is

Destiny/ on X-box

rating 9.5 out of 10

My first impression was not good. The story, weapons, scenery, and general feel made me wonder when I was going to run into Master Chief. Why didn’t they name it HaloBorder5? Yep, It’s definately a Bungie game.

But the progression is sensible. Weapons upgrades, armor, etc. are readily available, but you do earn them. I enjoyed most of the missions, and though the graphics are a little cartoonish, there’s great attention to detail. Motion is smooth. They have mastered light and shadow effects.

Then I discovered multiplayer. Outstanding cooperative campaigns. This game rocks with friends. Gather your team for strike missions. If I’m not on Tumblr, you know where to find me.


super moon rises